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A positive from the A Rod drama

Posted on: February 21, 2009 3:34 pm

I think with A Rod receiving all attention this spring it can only make the transition to the Bronx easier for some of our newer aquisitions.  If the A Rod steroid test were not leaked there would be more of a spotlight on the new Yankees.  Sure CC, AJ, and Tex have got some attention but, nothing like what they would be getting if none of this A Rod business every came about.  I can only think this will take a lot of the pressure off of these guys to perform under the New York spotlight.  When Tex has his normal slow start it won't be as noticable because A Rod will still be fielding a million questions about who his cousin is and where he got the bole??  When CC or AJ get hit hard in one of there first starts it will still be over shadowed by A Rod.  Sure, this is the biggest distraction in recent Yankee history as Jeter says but, maybe we can spin it into a positive?? 

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